1We have an ambitious environmental strategy and it is our ambition to create the markets most environmental friendly container transports

Our environmental policy:
§1: Anders Nielsen & CO is committed to find solutions to protect the environment.

§2: Anders Nielsen & CO is committed to be a frontrunner in testing new sustainable container trucking solutions in our markets.

§3: Anders Nielsen & CO is committed to reduce pollution and CO2-emissions in all aspects of our company.

Our daily mission is to offer the most CO2 friendly container service on our markets and at the same time follow our 12 ambitious service goals. Since 2007 we have measured our CO2 consumption/kilometers and started numerous efforts to improve and minimize the environmental impacts. You can read more about our environment efforts here. 

A CO2 value on your invoice – is it possible? 

Yes. We have invested many resources on becoming the first carrier on the market who can deliver a very exact CO2 number per transport. The numbers are shown on your invoices or transferred per EDI, (We calculate by GPS location the exact driving distance and from the trucks EUROnorm etc. we calculate a very precise CO2 consumption/trip)