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What can ANCOTRANS do on the IT front?

Over the last 10 years we have worked hard to differentiate ourselves on the IT front and can offer a long line of services tailored to our customers: Web booking, EDI booking, PDF-/EDI invoicing, Business Intelligence etc. If you are interested in discussing the IT-based opportunities for optimising our collaboration, please contact CIO Henrik Jore on

Green IT

The environment also plays a major role in our IT department. We manage all disposal of IT equipment in a responsible way and send all the parts we can for recycling, with documentation for environmental waste handling. All IT equipment that we purchase fulfils the Energy Star requirement, to minimise the total CO2 emissions of the operation.

IT security

To improve our security and thereby time in operation we carry out ongoing IT audits (KPMG), IT security analyses (Digicure) and stress tests of our applications. Our critical IT equipment is hosted and all critical units in the network and all Internet connections have redundancy. We have also invested in emergency generators at two of our offices, so that we can continue to operate in the event of power cuts. Our company systems are identical at the different offices, which means that we can manage the traffic from a different site if disaster were to strike and one of the offices was to lose its internet connection or if it was not possible to get physical access to the building.