From the left Åge Steenbjerge, Henrik Steenbjerge and Carl Steenbjerge

Anders Nielsen & Co is one of Denmark’s oldest family companies.

In everyday speech we are ANCOTRANS, a combination of our name and services. Our "family tree" starts in 1882, when Anders Nielsen was a burgess as a drayman with a horse and wagon in Copenhagen. From 1904 loads were carried as a contractor for Københavns Frihavns Aktieselskab. Since then the company has passed down from father to daughter and son-in-law, from son to son and, most recently, from father to daughter.

Since 1904 Anders Nielsen & Co have had different offices in Copenhagen’s Freeport.

* Anders Nielsen "only" had a daughter Olga Nielsen, who married Carl Steenbjerge, the Co. in our company name. They had a son Åge Steenbjerge, who inherited Anders Nielsen & Co. from his mother and father.

When Henrik Steenbjerge came into the company in 1969 ANCOTRANS had fifty or so trucks operating across a wide range. They transported everything from beer to asphalt. Luckily, Henrik Steenbjerge saw the global tendency towards ever more container freight and in the 1970s decided to focus on this niche in the transport industry. This turns out to have been a very successful strategy.

In 1982 Anders Nielsen & Co/ANCOTRANS opened their first office in Aarhus. The office in Aarhus now represents 70 % of the total turnover and employs 45 full time staff.

Between 2000 and 2004 a number of acquisitions were made (Winthers Transport, WA Transport and Roland Munch), which have made ANCOTRANS Denmark’s biggest container haulier. In December 2008 ANCOTRANS took over Glibstrup Transport.


The founder Anders Nielsen

1/4 2008 ANCOTRANS opened their first office outside Denmark – ANCOTRANS GmbH in Hamburg.

4/1 2010 ANCOTRANS opened offices in Gothenburg – ANCOTRANS AB.

January 1. 2017 we opened another office in Sweden in Helsingborg.

Today, Anne Kathrine Steenbjerge owns 60 % and Henrik Steenbjerge 40 % of Anders Nielsen & Co A/S.