Facts about ANCOTRANS/Anders Nielsen & Co today

  • Anders Nielsen & Co/ANCOTRANS currently has 231 full time employees, of whom 106 are administrators and 125 are full time drivers.
  • On average, we handle more than 1100 container transports daily across our markets.
  • Our turnover is around 650 million DKR a year and we move around 650 vehicles and 1700 container chassis every day.
  • We have a large well established group of around 550 external hauliers (sub-contractors) associated with our production. Many of them are local Danish, German and Swedish hauliers. In addition, we have a number of sub-contractors who drive international haulage from Poland, Germany, Romania etc.
  • In May 2010, we were the first container haulage company on our markets to run on 100 % biodiesel in Sweden.