breaker chassis

On November 18th ANCOTRANS GmbH has picked up the first new breaker-chassis from manufacturer D-Tec in the Netherlands. This chassis (Combitrailer CT-43-04 D) can be separated in the middle and thus enables us to deliver 2 x 20´ with doors to the ramp at the same time. As the front part can be driven independently this works also if both units have different unloading places. We can e.g. uncouple the back part with container at client A for unloading and proceed directly to client B “around the corner” to get the front unit unloaded. After unloading both parts can be coupled again and truck proceeds to depot/terminal. This technique helps in our constant effort to reduce overall KM driven and save CO2 by getting more efficient. If you have questions to this kind of equipment and what it can do for your business please do not hesitate to contact your respective ANCOTRANS branch.